April 21, 2024

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They shoot Juliano, who is dedicated to bodybuilding in Chile

They shoot Juliano, who is dedicated to bodybuilding in Chile

The young man was shot twice when he was asked to hand over his belongings.

A 22-year-old man from Venezuela was murdered in Cerro Santa Lucia, Santiago de Chile.

As reported in the final version, the victim sustained two bullet wounds to the chest.

The immigrant, in recent years, dedicated himself to bodybuilding in Santiago de Chile, where he participated and won various competitions.

The incident happened when the Venezuelan man was exercising on a bicycle with his friend. A criminal intercepted them and asked them for cigarettes, but when they refused, he threatened them with a gun.

Juliano’s death occurred after he was forced to hand over his belongings, and when he refused, they shot him dead.

Carabineros officers showed up to start an investigation and find the suspect.

IracĂ­ Hassler, the mayor of Santiago, took to Twitter to indicate that the situation of insecurity could no longer be resisted.

“Chile urgently needs an agreement on additional security, police strength, arms control, effective control of irregular immigration and criminal prosecutions with results,” he added.

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