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They condemn the detention of FARC relaxed leader Rodrigo Granta in Mexico at the request of the Colombian government


20 October 2021 01:17 GMT

The capture was carried out despite the former guerrilla leader’s permission from the Special Powers for Peace.

The Colombian political party Communes on Tuesday condemned the capture of mobilized guerrilla leader Rodrigo Granta, known as ‘Ricardo Dulles’, in Mexican territory.

The complaint was made by Senator Julian Gallo Kubilos, who promised that the former head of the FARC would be caught, even though he had obtained permission from the Special Powers for Peace (JEP).

Granta was one of the FARC negotiators in talks with the Colombian government, which led to the peace agreement signed in 2016.

Police sources They were contacted One week they had knowledge of the departure from Granada to Mexico. They pointed out that there was an Interpol arrest warrant against him by Colombia, but that it was inactive after the signing of the peace agreement. However, it will check if Paraguay makes a capture request.

So far, the Colombian government has not ruled on these events.

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