June 17, 2024

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The YouTube Premium family plan now costs $23 per month

Sean Buckley

If you sign up for a YouTube Premium family plan, you may want to check your email: Google informs users of the monthly cost of the service You’ll go up by $5 a month.

Starting in November, most users will start paying $22.99 per month for YouTube Premium – although there appears to be some leeway. While the main announcement indicates that the price increase begins in the next billing cycle on or after November 21st, some old subscribers won’t see their bill rise for several months. An Engadget employee has been informed that his price won’t go up until April due to his “long-term and valued member” status.

With the new price structure, the family plan is not a bargain for smaller groups. At $17.99, a purchase in the family plan for only two users resulted in significant savings on individual accounts. Now, a family of users will only save $1 a month. However, for now, the individual user rates remain the same: $11.99 per month for individual accounts and $6.99 for students. The benefits haven’t changed either, with Premium continuing to offer users an ad-free YouTube experience, the ability to download videos for offline viewing, access to YouTube Music, and the ability to keep music and videos playing in the background or with the phone’s screen locked.

At least I still don’t need that Subscribe to Premium to watch 4K videos.

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