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The story of the ‘Torso killer’ who claims to have killed more than 100 women and the daughter of a man whose limbs were mutilated became his friend.


1 ene 2022 20:08 GMT

Netflix recently released a documentary on the heinous crimes committed by Richard Cottingham in the 1970s in New York and New Jersey.

The Netflix operating system released a three-episode documentary last December, which describes the heinous crimes committed in the United States in the 1970s.

‘Crime scene: Murder in Times Square’, Directed by Joe Berlinger, investigates Richard Cottingham’s vicious case, also known as the ‘Torso Killer’, who described more than 100 murders as “correct”, claiming he had raped, murdered and maimed more than 100 women. However, only eleven of them were charged and convicted.

Crimes committed by Cottingham

Godding, a father of three, left a trail Horrific crimes in the states of New York and New Jersey This confused the police. In December 1979, agents discovered a gruesome scene at the Big Apple Travel’s Motor Hotel: the burnt bodies of two women, one identified as Tide Guterci, were found in a room. Their heads and arms were amputated details The New York Times. A few months later, a sex worker was found dead in a Times Square in a New Jersey motel. The crime was linked to a second murder there. Later that month, a fifth victim was found dead and mutilated at another Manhattan hotel.

Although Goddingham denies all charges, he was finally convicted of five murders in August 1984 and convicted. Sentenced to more than 200 years in prison. Within years of his initial sentence, the man pleaded guilty to several counts. So, in April 2021, he said he caught two New Jersey girls shopping in a mall in 1974 and drowned them. The now 75-year-old convict is still languishing in Trenton City State Prison.

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“I give you my friendship for the details of the crimes

Jennifer Weiss, daughter of the murdered Titus Guardius. Story In an interview with the NewJersey.com portal in 2020, he went to see his mother’s killer. She became “friends” with him Relatives of other victims should also receive responses.

“The amount of work he did was immeasurable. But I befriended Richard for my mom’s sake and for my quest,” he explained. “I do it for mothers who have lost daughters and for my mother. To these little girls whose lives ended one night or one day because Richard played God, “he noted.” I’m not going to relax until we find out who they are. That’s why I do what I do, ”he added.

Weiss was raised by a foster family and at the age of 24 she discovered where she came from. After writing to Cottingham, she started seeing him in 2017 and met him more than thirty times in three years.

“I started writing a letter to Richard, asking him to add me to his guest list. I did it with heart and fun, and made it very comfortable for him to say ‘yes’,” he explained to the media. The woman revealed what happened when she first saw the killer in person: “I know what I want, I made it clear to him. I give you my friendship for the details of the crimes“.

Speaking to PIX11, he continued: “As soon as I began to find out the details of my mother’s crime, he opened the door to talk about the other women he had killed. Up to 75 unresolved cases“, he said In the middle.

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