February 29, 2024

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The remaining time of the escape adventure game has been announced at the upcoming Spring Showcase

Spring Showcase 2022 has finally happened, and with it comes tons of new game announcements and updates. Some of these titles are standalone games, some are brand new IPs, and some are developer videos about developing their games. To start the show off strong, the Gamesradar team introduced The Time I Have Left, a brand new IP.

The remaining time puts the player in the world of neon color, without remembering how he got there or what his purpose is. The team at Ground Game Atelier has a new trailer to reveal this new game, with all the footage captured within the engine. You can watch the worldwide promo below.

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Advertised as a “time-driven escape adventure”, the player controls the heroine of a novel as she explores vast swathes of an abandoned city. Most of the game’s visuals look very detailed and beautiful without the need for a rich and vibrant color palette. Lots of buildings are decorated with one specific sign, which is potentially important: Colonial 7.

What Colony7 means in all of this, we don’t know yet, but it will likely be revealed sometime in the future. The player explores these places all the time running from an unspoken timer, with stunning visuals all the way through. As now, no form of combat was shown, and there was no indication that there would be any head-to-head combat.

Time Remaining also has an announced release date. Gamesradar has revealed that “Time I Have Left” will be released sometime in late 2023. The fourth quarter of 2023 would be a safe assumption for this release date at that rate. Time Remains will be released next year on PC via Steam. You can put the address in your wishlist now The game’s Steam page.

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