April 17, 2024

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The NFL has no comment for the Terek Hill Settlement

The NFL has no comment for the Terek Hill Settlement

On Monday, it was announced that Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill had resolved all issues with the Marina employee Hill allegedly hit on June 18. This may be the end of it, or it may just be the beginning.

Even with a settlement (and, frankly, there would be no need for a settlement if nothing happens), the league can still take action against Hill under its personal conduct policy.

The NFL declined to comment on the situation, via email Tuesday morning to PFT.

The agreement between Hill and the alleged victim likely includes a provision that forbids the person to speak to anyone about the situation, in the absence of a subpoena. Since the NFL has no subpoena authority, the league cannot force the alleged victim to cooperate.

In this case, there is video surveillance of the interaction. If it conclusively shows assault, the NFL can take action even without the cooperation of the alleged victim.

Hovering around the incident and the potential for discipline is the fact that, under the policy, Hill’s history from college (he pleaded guilty to strangling his then-pregnant girlfriend) becomes relevant to any punishment. If/when he violates the Personal Conduct Policy while in the NFL, his punishment can be augmented by his history.

At the moment, it is unknown if Hill is in trouble with the league. The fact that the victim was pacified by a cash payment (presumably more than the $200 allegedly offered at the scene) will complicate any effort by the university to enforce its imperfect brand of justice — if it wants to even try.

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