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The musical “The Bodyguard” stopped in front of the bustling Palace Theatre

The musical “The Bodyguard” stopped in front of the bustling Palace Theatre


April 8, 2023 | 12:07 p.m

The performance of the musical “The Bodyguard” in Manchester, England, was canceled on Friday due to the disgraceful behavior of the audience, According to BBC News.

The quarrel erupted during the show’s final song, “I will love you always,” performed by the singer and former Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton.

The audience at the Palace Theater refused to stop singing to the cast, with “little riots” breaking out in the auditorium.

Two of the perpetrators have already been removed by security staff and the Greater Manchester Police Department has been called to the scene.

Grammy Award-winning Thornton, who stars as Rachel Marron, in the production based on 1992 movie starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costnerused Instagram To apologize to the fans after the show.

She said, “I respect that you paid your money and am very grateful to all the respectful people on stage who want to put on a beautiful show for you.”

“I’m just so sorry we couldn’t finish the show. I fought so hard. It feels horrible.”

the The place also regretted on Twitter.

The band’s lead singer, Melody Thornton, took to Instagram to apologize.

“We are disappointed that the last 10 minutes of the show needed to be scrapped due to annoying customers refusing to stay seated and spoiling the performance for others.”

The theater assured customers that the show would continue.

“Future shows will continue as planned and we ask that customers be considerate of the cast, fellow audience members and stage team so that everyone can enjoy great stage entertainment.”

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