June 21, 2024

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The massive new survival game has sold 200,000 copies in just five days

The massive new survival game has sold 200,000 copies in just five days

You might be forgiven for wondering if the gaming world really needs more survival games. After all, this genre has become a staple especially on PC. Heavy hitters like Rust, Ark, Valheim, and Sons of the Forest have led the pack so successfully that you might think there’s no room for anyone else. Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case with the newcomer Spirit mask It hit a staggering number of copies sold in an incredibly short period of time.

Perhaps what’s driving these sales, at least in part, is the sheer ambition of Soulmask. Not only does it offer a surprising amount of gameplay, even in this Early Access version, there are also plenty of great twists on the survival game formula to make this a fresh proposition. The standout feature is of course the titular mask system, where you can transfer objects to NPCs to steal their abilities and skills, allowing you to choose how you play.

Combined with the game’s commitment to delivering an extremely challenging survival experience, you can begin to see why Soulmask has achieved the sales numbers it has. With over 200,000 copies sold since its launch, which was just five days ago, it’s certainly turning a profit at a time when many games are struggling to make an impact.

What also helps the game community have a positive atmosphere is the approach the developer takes in getting hotfixes and answering players’ questions. Today a large series of fixes have been released, with the game seeing improvements in almost every aspect. These range from making the UI more responsive and intuitive, to making in-game combat easier and helping clan members function more logically.

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The developer also took to Steam to do a brief Q&A. The majority of answers relate to issues currently being worked on or suggestions that may be implemented in the future, but also provide an indication of the future direction of the game. The developer is certainly focused on ensuring that Soulmask remains realistic, albeit in a world filled with magic and punishment, at least when starting out. This game isn’t meant to be played for a short time, it will take time and commitment to get the most out of it, and it’s great to see the developer making that clear from the start.

The Soulmask is out now and you can get it at 10% off until Thursday, June 6th. You can head to steam To check it out for yourself where you can also see the full Patch notes For today’s hotfixes and answers to the latest Question and answer session.

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