June 20, 2024

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The latest in Fernando Tates Jr.

The latest in Fernando Tates Jr.

Padres continues to wait for the return Fernando Tates Jr., who has not played this season while recovering from a broken left wrist. The short player underwent the club’s franchise for his latest set of photos yesterday, with mixed results.

Tatís’ latest CT scan did not reveal what level of recovery the team had been hoping for, he writes Kevin Lacy from the San Diego Union-Tribune. He has yet to be allowed to use a bat, although he hasn’t experienced any kind of setbacks. “The MRI scan continues to show recovery, but it was not up to… a full green lightAJ Preller, chief of baseball operations for reporters (including AJ Cassavell from MLB.com). “We’re basically in a place where we’re advancing from week to week.

This is certainly not an ideal development, especially given how long Tates has already been sidelined. When announcing the injury and subsequent surgery in mid-March, Briller indicated that the All-Star player could be out for three months. We’re now on that schedule, and Tatís’ ongoing “week to week” treatment plan to catch bats means he’s still on the cusp of an impending comeback. As Acee points out, it’s hard to imagine he’ll be ready to play in a major league game before the All-Stars break July 18-21, because he’ll definitely need a rehab period in the minor leagues even after getting back into shape physically.

At the same time, Tatis she has Gradual progress continued. He was allowed to play catch today, the first time he was able to get balls out of the air after previously being limited to taking the ball (video provided by Annie Heilbron from the Union Tribune). When asked how he feels about his current situation, Tatis acknowledged:It’s a few of the two. A little glad I’m still progressing. And a little bit of sadness, because it’s not what everyone wants, including me“(Cassavell link).

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As Tates quickly pointed out, the team didn’t miss much of a beat in his absence. Despite losing one of the sport’s top players, he enters San Diego on Tuesday with a record 38-24. They are the best Wild Card team in the National League at the moment, sitting just a percentage point behind the Dodgers in NL West. This is largely due to the strength of the shooting crew, though the brothers are 13th in major competitions (272) and 21st in park-adjusted batting (94 wRC+). San Diego’s short stops have a shocking 0.170/.271/.257 slash in the season, such as Ha Seung Kim Calm down after a strong start and the highest probability CJ Abrams He struggled so hard that he was brought back to the minor leagues.

Whenever Tatis is able to return, the situation must go from a weak point to an unqualified strength. Unsurprisingly, Briller indicated that the club is not feeling any pressure to make an external addition over the coming weeks, telling Ase and others.We expect him back, it’s just a matter of time. I don’t think (the last shoot) changes anything to where we need to do something from a list standpoint.