March 4, 2024

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The judge ordered the release of all the cargo of the Venezuelan plane

The judge ordered the release of all the cargo of the Venezuelan plane
Judge orders release of all Venezuelan airline crew from Emtrasur flight seized in Argentina, not linked to terrorism
Sebastian Porchero/AFP

A federal judge in Argentina has ordered the country’s General Customs Directorate to release all cargo from a Venezuelan flight belonging to Emtrasur, a subsidiary of state-owned Conviasa, which has been held at Ezeiza airport for nearly two months.

A news item from an Argentine newspaper Clarion Indicates that the order was issued by Judge Federico Villena, President of the Federal Criminal and Correctional Court of Lomas de Zamora 1. More His crew is undecided Made up of 14 Venezuelans and 5 Iranians, their passports were suspended and they were barred from leaving the country. Likewise, pilot Golamreza Qasemi is also being investigated for links to Quds forces and Hezbollah.

After the aircraft was intercepted at Ezeiza, it was known to be transporting nearly 50,000 kg of auto parts to SAS Automotriz Argentina. Part of them was destined for the plant of the German company Volkswagen. Another 7,860 kg is in a hangar awaiting judicial decision.

FBI: Yes there are terrorist connections

The FBI assured an Argentine judge that the pilot Golamreza Kasemi is said to have links with terrorists. According to a report. The US agency forwarded the information to the judge.

But gGovernment Argentina denied any kind of relationship Between Qasemi and the Iranian forces, he is considered a household name. A hypothesis disputed by Esteban Aquino, head of Paraguay’s National Intelligence Secretariat.

“He is a person linked to Quds, as confirmed to us by our known and related agencies. It’s not synonymous, it’s a homonym or anything. That person isAquino said according to the data supported by the FBI report.

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Clarion He indicated that time was starting to play against the Argentinian judge because the team members could not gather evidence to prosecute any of them.

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