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The Galaxy Z Fold 5 could get a major camera boost, and a built-in S Pen slot

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 could get a major camera boost, and a built-in S Pen slot

Last update: January 16, 2023 at 13:52 UTC + 01:00

There is some hot news about an upcoming smartphone from Samsung. No, this is not the version that will be released soon Galaxy S23 series, which are all set Debuted on February 1. Rumors swirl around Galaxy Z Fold 5which is expected to be launched in the second half of 2023. According to rumors, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 could come with a 108MP primary rear camera.

According to a new report published by the Vietnamese publication pixelsSamsung may ditch the 50MP camera for the 108MP primary camera, which is currently in Galaxy S22 Ultra. This, in turn, will make the device a little heavier, and it will weigh around 275 grams (which is a bit hard to believe). For comparison’s sake, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 It weighs 263 grams.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is rumored to have a 108MP main camera and a 64MP telephoto camera.

This weight gain will partly be attributed to the new 108MP camera that rumors are leaning towards. This is great news (although it’s nothing concrete, just a rumor), especially since foldable phones are often criticized for their less-than-stellar camera performance. Not that they are bad in any way, they are not at the level of premium panel phones but their prices are higher than them.

Not only the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s main camera but the telephoto camera is also rumored to be getting a boost. According to reports, the 108MP primary camera will be accompanied by a 64MP camera with 2x optical zoom and a 12MP ultrawide shooter on the Galaxy Z Fold 5. But one must take this piece of information with a pinch of salt since then samsung Upgrading the cameras on last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 4. The company’s track record suggests that we shouldn’t expect a major camera revision two years in a row, notably a downgrade of the zoom from 3x to 2x.

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Other details about the Galaxy Z Fold 5 include that the phone will come with an accessory Slot dedicated to the S-Penand a new hinge design is implemented for Reduce screen crease And let the phone fold completely flat.