June 13, 2024

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The Destiny 2 raid takes 19 hours to complete and unlocks an amazing final quest for Guardians everywhere

The Destiny 2 raid takes 19 hours to complete and unlocks an amazing final quest for Guardians everywhere

The first Destiny 2 clan to complete The Final Shape raid has unlocked a final mission for all Guardians to bring closure to the sci-fi shooter’s extensive story.

It took the Parabellum clan 19 hours to make their way across the Edge of Redemption – and what a victory it was – but the biggest surprise was that while the cut scenes marked the end of Destiny’s epic decade, the hitherto secret mission was now available to all players, regardless of whether they had passed raid themselves or not.

Destiny 2: Final Form | Launch trailer [UK].Watch on YouTube

The mission – called Excision – takes 12 players in a dizzying crescendo that is sure to strain even the most hardened Guardian’s heart.

News of the secret mission spread quickly, resulting in a number of BAT bugs related to “players in fireteams not being able to view all scenes when completing a circumcision activity.” Consequently, Bungie advised players to engage in the activity solo, and suggested that anyone who missed the cutscenes could rewatch them in the narrative version of Excision.

Now the issues appear to have been “resolved”, but despite it being a 12-member mission, Bungie still recommends that players “start the narrative version of Excision with no more than 6 fireteam members to get the full experience.”

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but this is not all. Bungie has also confirmed that tomorrow, June 10, at 4pm UK time (8am PT), the team will be presenting a live stream detailing “next year of Destiny 2.”

While some are very excited that this presentation might provide more details about the next Destiny adventure, the key part of that message is that it’s about Destiny 2so it’s unlikely that we’ll learn much about Destiny 3. But who knows – Bungie always likes to surprise us!

Naturally, some players didn’t have to wait for the official release date; The DLC has been leaked online after the expansion became temporarily available on PS5 shortly before its official launch earlier this week.