June 25, 2024

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The controversial new iPad Pro ad may have been inspired by an LG ad

The controversial new iPad Pro ad may have been inspired by an LG ad

During the “Let Loose” event held on Tuesday, Apple presented New iPad Pro M4. However, the product was unveiled with an interesting and somewhat controversial ad, which shows objects such as musical instruments, camera lenses and books being destroyed by a hydraulic press – which then turns everything into… New iPad.

But a lot of people didn’t like the iPad Pro ad, and it turns out Apple may have been inspired by a very old LG ad.

Apple may have taken inspiration from LG for its controversial iPad Pro announcement

As some people have noticed, Apple’s “Crush” ad for the iPad Pro It looks very similar to the LG device that came out in 2008 To promote KC910 Renoir. The smartphone got several new features like GPS, Wi-Fi, accelerometer, and Dolby Audio support, prompting LG to create an ad that also shows a hydraulic press destroying objects and turning them into its new phone.

Coincidentally or not, Apple used the same text and aesthetic for its iPad Pro ad nearly 16 years later. “I was shocked that Apple, with its big advertising budget, seemed to have copied LG’s idea from 2008. You’d think they would come up with something more creative,” he said. Andy Cheng on topics.

like 9to5Mac As reported this morning, several Hollywood names such as Hugh Grant and Asif Kapadia have criticized the new iPad Pro ad for promoting the “destruction of the human experience”. People asked “why would anyone think this ad was a good idea” and accused the company of belittling the work of writers, producers, filmmakers and creatives.

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Apple later apologized for the iPad Pro ad and said it valued creativity. The company admitted that it “missed the target” in the video. Although the ad is still available online, the company said it will not be broadcast on television.

You can watch the LG and Apple ads below:

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