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The captured Russian pilot turned out to be a Wagner mercenary

The captured Russian pilot turned out to be a Wagner mercenary

Roman Petrenko – Monday 20 June 2022 09:46

During the interrogation of a Russian pilot captured by Ukrainian forces on June 18, the pilot revealed that he was a mercenary working for the Wagner PMC and that he was paid 200,000 rubles. [approximately $3,500 – ed.] Month.

source: Yuri Putusov, editor-in-chief of the magazine censor.netUkrainian online newsletter, dated Facebook

details: The captured pilot is Andrei Fedorchukov, a major in the Russian Air Force. He admitted to working in the private military company Wagner and that he was paid 205,000 rubles a month.

Quote from Potosov: “During interrogation, Fedorchukov said that the target of his attack was a stronghold of the Ukrainian armed forces. He had previously conducted bombings of Ukrainian cities. Fedorchukov hopes for a prisoner exchange, although he understands this because he is a mercenary who may not be a party to any prisoner exchange agreements, and therefore He may be liable to punishment for his crimes.

It is interesting to note that Russian aircraft have significant navigational problems. Fedorchukov had a Garmin navigator and a smartphone with the Pronebo app installed in order to get navigation more accurate than that provided by navigation devices on board aircraft of the Russian Air Force.”

earlier: On June 18, 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade (named after the Black Zaporozhye) mentioned That they used the Igla mobile air defense system (MANPADS) to shoot down a Russian Su-25, which hit the ground “loud and clear”.

The pilot of the downed Russian Su-25 attack plane was fired and expelled prisoner.