February 21, 2024

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The Broncos will have to pay huge amounts of money to Russell Wilson, eventually

Russell Wilson

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Seahawks wanted to trade Russell Wilson Partly because they knew that, by 2023, they would not want to pay him again. Wilson also knew it from the moment his agent, Mark Rodgers, negotiated the latest deal with Wilson, a $35 million-a-year contract that, at the time, set the standard for all NFL players.

The Seahawks Wilson didn’t really play like a quarterback, but they paid him like one. At some point, they didn’t.

That point was now, a year before Wilson and Rodgers began asking for a new deal. The admission by Seahawks GM John Schneider that they did not believe Wilson would sign another contract with the team represented an admission by Schneider that they would not be willing to make him again the highest-paid player in league history.

That honor/privilege/burden now rests with the Broncos. They will have to give Wilson a new market position deal, after which they will have to amend the contract according to the cap. They will learn the realities of negotiating with one customer’s agent who doesn’t have broader concerns likely to dampen his enthusiasm, such as whether an angry GM will take it on other agent customers.

“We are open” about the possibility of striking a new deal with Wilson, George Patton Broncos told reporters on Friday. We obviously want him here for a long time, but nothing imminent. I’m sure we’ll talk soon. We didn’t do this trade so we wouldn’t stay here for too long.”

Some would say Patton shouldn’t be too outspoken, because doing so would only make it difficult to complete the contract. But it will be really difficult.

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Or maybe it would be easy, because the Broncos have no basis for getting into a lengthy back-and-forth. They took aim at Wilson, and they praised him relentlessly, giving up two first-round picks, two second-round picks, and three players to get him. When it comes to whether they’d give him a slightly better (or a lot) better contract than the best one in the books, why wouldn’t they?

the new Aaron Rodgers The contract complicates matters, however. With an average new cash of $61.9 million, forget the $46 million annual deal Deshaun Watson It took place in Cleveland. Mark Rodgers could finally be looking for Aaron Rodgers’ money.

The sooner the Broncos can do this, the cheaper it will be. With the cap high and the potential for the market to explode, it will be more expensive to make Wilson the highest-paid player with more deals completed. Of course, the sooner Wilson gets a new four-year extension (that’s what he’s signed on twice before), the closer the Broncos will be to the next hour.

There is another reason to achieve this now. Eventually, the team will have a new owner. In the event that the new owner does not want to make a huge financial commitment to Wilson, it is best to make a huge financial commitment before the owner is in place to veto it.