June 16, 2024

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The Argentine government sought to define responsibility for the Venezuelan flight from the controversy

The Argentine government sought to define responsibility for the Venezuelan flight from the controversy
Venezuelan flight

In order not to be affected internationally SensitivityThe Argentine government has sought to determine responsibilities without mentioning the political and legal implications of the mysterious arrival of the Venezuelan plane carrying five Iranian citizens, and the judge is at Ezeiza International Airport for a final decision.

Indicates that officials from different areas oscillated between silence and warning Nation The origin of the Mtrasur cargo plane and the presence of Iranians are twice in the “hands” of Federal Judge Federico Villana. The judge, who decided to continue the trial yesterday, will have to resolve in the coming days the condition of the ship used by the US group Al Quds and Iranian civilians identified as terrorists. At the request of opposition representatives asking for an inquiry into the entire group, which includes 14 Venezuelan citizens.

The National Directorate for Migration “is responsible for restricting the entry and exit of people, including groups,” but not aircraft, official sources said. In that regard, they clarified that “the flight crew was subjected to all security checks, in violation of bases and international organizations, which are violated in all cases.” “Immigration, as a precautionary measure, suspended the passports of immigration workers and sent notes reporting what had happened to the Federal Intelligence Agency of the Ministry of Defense and the Directorate of National Criminal Investigation. Background information considered relevant,” the sources clarified.

Foreign Ministry sources told the newspaper that the embassies in Iran and Venezuela had been informed of the legal situation. “They only provided us with intervention from the federal court, so we communicate within the framework of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Routes and Diplomatic Relations what happens to the embassies in Iran and Venezuela,” explained attorney Rafael (Resnick). The prosecutor, who was convicted in the Chickon case, pleaded guilty to refueling a plane allegedly carrying car parts and returning to Caracas. Petition Rejected yesterday by the judge. Five Iranians continue to withhold their passports, waiting for their status to be determined.

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They recalled hearing several reports from San Martin’s Palace, the federal judge of Lomas de Zamora, on immigration, the PSA, the ANC and customs, saying, “The team will be responsible for deciding whether to stop the Venezuelan plane from moving to Azeza and returning passports to Iran in July 1994.” Five officials and former officials of the Tehran regime were not immediately available for comment.

Venezuelan flight: cause of sensitivity

In diplomatic matters they firmly believe that they are handling the real “hot potato” – in the case of the group’s salary, in one case, not seven and five Iranian citizens – some of the officials who spoke wanted to give some details and handed over the responsibility. The judge intervened.

“The two government agencies that were most responsible for this issue were the Ministry of Migration and Defense, but we were informed of the issue,” Augustine Rossi, the new head of AFI, said in a radio interview, clarifying the relationship. The official Rivadavia said on the radio that there was “zero” between his bias with justice.

A few hours later, Rossi said on another radio station, “When they entered the country, there was no notice to allow any of the flight crew to trigger warnings. Government agencies are operating and necessary precautionary measures have been taken. Apparently, there are departments trying to magnify the truth. Be careful. Should be, ” he warned. The defense ministry declined to comment on the matter yesterday.

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