June 24, 2024

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Students gathered to demand Pdte resignation. Chile | News

Student, social and environmental organizations in Chile are calling for a national mobilization of students, youth and other sectors this Friday to demand the resignation of President Sebastian Pinera, who traded in tax havens during the Pandora Papers investigation.

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The Chamber confirms the charge against Pdte. Pandora Papers from Chile

The parade is in front of the GAM Cultural Center at 4:30 pm local time, in the center of Santiago. It is coordinated by the Confederation of Chilean Students (Confederation), the Federation of Catholic University Students (FEUC) and social and environmental groups.

In addition, mobilizers are demanding the closure of the Dominga mine project, which is a paradise for the president’s family and his friend Carlos Alberto Delano, a transaction in the British Virgin Islands.

Ignacia Henriques, president of the FEUC and spokeswoman for Confucius, declared in a video broadcast on Twitter that Pinara was “morally unqualified to lead Chile’s fate as leader.”

He considered it unacceptable to take action in tax havens and recalled that the head of state had approved it five years ago.

Pinera declared that he was “intoxicated with the natural heritage of all Chileans and uses government agencies for this purpose”. For all this, he demanded to get out of La Moneta.

For several days, the FEUC leadership displayed posters in various locations of the Catholic University, saying, “Corruption is enough in our land. Students say: Get out with Pinara!

Constitutional charge

In response to the President’s country and justice, students support the constitutional charge against Pinara, which presented various political groups represented in the legislature from Tuesday 5, ranging from the Communist Party to Christian Democracy.

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According to the press, government lawyers have already arranged their defense before Congress to prevent Pinara from becoming the first president to be ousted by the Pandora Papers scandal.

The Chilean president has categorically refused to do business in tax havens. In this regard, Camila Flores, deputy of the ruling National Reconstruction Party, told reporters, “It is hard to believe that she (…) has no knowledge of this business involving her direct relatives.”

Commenting on the president’s attitude, Vice President Claudia Mix (Communes) declared that “neither the parliamentarians nor the citizens are fools. The head of government is lying to us. He is probably the worst president Chile has ever had.”