May 23, 2024

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Spanish Foreign Minister expresses his disappointment at the suspension of talks between Savismo and the opposition

Pause the conversation

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarez said talks between Savismo and the opposition in Mexico had been suspended this Monday. He said he was disappointed by this.

Pause the conversation

“We are very clear about what we want for Venezuela, which is democracy. But we are also participating in that conversation. It is disappointing to me that that conversation broke down,” he said. Conversation.

However, he said Spain would be there if the parties decided to re-establish the negotiating table.

“But if the parties decide to negotiate, Spain will always be there,” he said.

The Spanish foreign minister outlined his country’s foreign policy in relation to Latin American countries facing dictatorial socialist regimes such as Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

He also stressed that Spain had granted asylum to Venezuelan opposition politician Leopoldo Lopez.

Alex Chop

It should be noted that after Alex Saab was extradited from Cape Verde to the United States, the dialogue process between Chavismo and the opposition was suspended by Madurismo’s decision.

In that sense, one of the few tips in it Nicolas Maduro Mentioning the name of the person who is said to be his predecessor, I point out that he does not want to re-establish negotiations.

He said he was outraged that the opposition delegation had assured him that Saab would not be deported. Sending the Colombian to Florida seemed like a betrayal to him.

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