June 14, 2024

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Sorry Elon, but Jack Dorsey is still the main character on Twitter

Sorry Elon, but Jack Dorsey is still the main character on Twitter

Listen, I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of fuss about what Whistleblower Disclosures It means for Elon Musk deal on Twitterbut I want to focus on something stupider and more expensive: Jack Dorsey.

Twitter It has serious weaknesses that the Russian and Chinese governments may try to take advantage ofAccording to a whistleblower complaint from Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, the former head of security on Twitter. (Zatko refers to himself in the complaint as “Mudge,” but I’ll call him Zatko because that’s his government name.) Zatko also claims that Twitter has no incentive to correctly count bots. I can’t help but note, however, that all of these claims indicate that Dorsey was an incompetent leader.

Most of the things Zatko complains about happened when Dorsey was in his second term as Twitter CEO. The first time Dorsey served as CEO, he was Launched in 2008. This is likely because Dorsey was a shoddy manager, according to Nick Bilton Twitter hatching. Dorsey loved getting credit, hated cash, loved partying, and making some weird and expensive texting deals that Twitter cost Six numbers a month. Plus he was often out of touch with investors.

Personally, I wouldn’t hire this guy for a second round, but Twitter was desperate in 2015. And so it was Dorsey, in his second round as CEO, who hired Zatko personally. However, according to Zatko’s complaint, Dorsey was an “unincorporated CEO” and did not speak a word at some meetings. Zatko even heard from colleagues that Dorsey’s silence could extend “for days or weeks” and that the first team was concerned about his health, while “even mid- and lower-ranking employees could tell the ship was rudderless.” Whew!

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If we take the complaint seriously, it appears that a lot of the problems stem from what she describes as Dorsey’s “absentee behavior.” Apparently, Zatko got “little or no support for his mission of radically changing the risky behaviors of 8,000 employees.”

there now they were People who say Dorsey is unfit to be the CEO of Twitter, prominently The terrified Elliott management, who argued that Dorsey wasn’t paying enough attention to Twitter (as it was also CEO of payments company Square, which later renamed itself Block) and that it sucked at retaining key employees. Eventually, Dorsey stepped down and was replaced by Parag Agrawal as CEO, Elliott’s preferred choice. This is mentioned in the document and then followed by a thorough revision, and here I am severely curious.

Agrawal launched Zatko as well Other senior Dorsey, including Kayvon Beykpour, former Head of Products, and Lead Product of Revenue, Bruce Falck. this is not especially Unusual to change CEO. Often the new person wants to replace the old CEO team with their own. But in Zatko’s case, Twitter spokeswoman Rebecca Hahn attributed the shooting to “poor performance and leadership,” according to the Washington Post. It also says that the Zatko whistleblower’s complaint is “full of inaccurate information” and that its intent is “opportunistic … to harm Twitter, its customers, and its contributors.”

OK, OK, Twitter Will be Say that. This does not necessarily make Zatko wrong! still in Agrawal’s response to the storyE-mailing employees, he repeated the line, writing that Zatko was fired for “ineffective leadership and poor performance.” Isn’t that the kind that Jack Dorsey He should have noticed who the head of security had chosen so carefully?

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Agrawal also suggests there will be more stories to come, but he says, “We will go after all ways to stand up for our integrity as a company and set the record straight.” Sorry if this is just a journalist’s mind but “pursuing all paths to defend our integrity” sounds like “we might file a defamation suit” to me. I hope Twitter does that! I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with.

Anyway, the file else The thing I noticed here is that Musk’s legal team called up Dorsey yesterdayincluding communications and documents relating to the merger, or Which A transaction between Musk and Twitter, including the purchase of common stock. The Musk team also wants information about Musk joining the Twitter board and other Twitter connections.

I wondered when Mask offer announced whether Dorsey was involved behind the scenes; He was still on the Twitter board at the time. Dorsey and Musk are friends – which is part of what makes the summons so strange to me. Can’t Musk ask? Doesn’t Musk have his own records of many of these conversations?

Well, yes, Musk could have asked, but Dorsey has, historically, been known for his indecision and inability to make good calls at the right time. That was the heart of Elliot Management’s problems with him! That’s part of the reason he got fired the first time! If I’m Musk’s lawyer, I think Dorsey’s interference is part of what caused all this chaos. And Dorsey Being Dorsey – Remember He loves being a cult leader and absolutely hates blame He will not defend the company he runs or even admit to his mistake.

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Anyway, if you need more evidence of Dorsey’s astonishingly poor judgment as a leader, he copied the nickname of Tesla’s vanity catcher (“Technoking”) with his nickname on Block (“Block Head”). our Very favorite Blockhead tweeted afterwards that Musk was “the only solution I trust” For the future of Twitter. in july, Twitter will sue Musk for breaching the deal.

So, yes, most people will focus on it Oh my God what does this mean for Twitter. But I have to say, if I were at Block now – where Dorsey is currently CEO – I wouldn’t feel great! Dorsey’s Pet Case, Bitcoinis the company’s revenue mine, but it’s not he won Bonanza. In the last quarter, bitcoin profits fell by 24 percent Consumer demand decreased. Block’s shares closed at $70.94 today — less than half of what they were on Jan. 3, the first trading day of the year.

Oh, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says Dorsey is slow to investigateie honestly? It looks like Dorsey.