May 23, 2024

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Silksong has been delayed beyond the second quarter of this year

Silksong has been delayed beyond the second quarter of this year

Hollow Knight: Silksongthe sequel to the 2017 classic Hollow KnightHe was supposed They are almost released now. It didn’t happen, and now It won’t beBecause the team decided to spend some extra time making the game as good as possible.

The following statement was posted on Twitter earlier today:

Hey gang, just a quick update on Silksong. We had planned to release in the first half of 2023, but development is still ongoing. We’re excited about how the game is shaping up, and it’s getting pretty big, so we want to take the time to make the game as good as it can be. Expect more details from us as soon as we get closer to its release.

This is good! Take all the time you need! Six years have passed, what a few more months, they say, “Make the game as good as we can.” Especially with the news that everything “just got so big.”

to sum up, We revised the original in 2018shortly after its initial release, and found it so very good:

The Cherry team kept going Hollow Knight Since its launch last February, patches and free downloadable content have been rolled out that add new dialogue, characters, enemy behavior, bosses, abilities, and story missions, all of which greatly expand the world of Hallownest. Many of the bosses I beat on the Switch weren’t in the game at launch, and only in one instance – a beehive area where the journey from the save area to the boss room was very long and treacherous – was the addition utterly inelegant. I’ve since improved almost everything in the main game aside from a few collectible spells and a handful of optional matches against sleazy versions of the main game’s bosses. The Cherry team is working on More free DLC later this year, which will add more bosses, enemies, new areas and characters, and even a new game mode. I can not wait.

The world of video games has a definite tendency towards the new. Every year dozens of games seem to push things forward technologically and creatively. Hollow Knight It’s not one of those games, and in fact it constantly avoids chasing innovation for its own sake. Do not reinvent. purify. It does not rebuild. polishing. It has some ideas I haven’t seen in other games, yet it feels completely new given how much attention has been paid to every character, every battle, every frame of animation and every square inch of its tiny hollow of civilization.