June 26, 2024

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SEVENTEEN Talk Follow Again, new music, maestro performance video

SEVENTEEN Talk Follow Again, new music, maestro performance video

The 13 members of SEVENTEEN have been on the FOLLOW Tour since last summer, a tour that has ranged from tear-jerking shows to pants-ripping ones, and the encore leg (called “FOLLOW AGAIN”) is coming to an end. While the tour is coming to an end, SEVENTEEN's activities aren't slowing down – the group has just released a new compilation album, 17 here. With a running time of just over 96 minutes, the album features all of SEVENTEEN's Korean-language singles, Korean versions of their Japanese-language singles since their debut nine years ago, and four new songs. We would be remiss if we didn't mention that member Woozi is credited with composition and lyrics on all 33 songs.

The lead single, “Maestro,” draws on elements from previous songs to deliver the message that the past has not only been left behind, but has become an inspiration for SEVENTEEN as they evolve, a message the group shares as they approach a decade together. “Maestro” conveys how together we can change the world and have the power to organize our own world, which is a fitting theme for SEVENTEEN given how interconnected the members are. The relationship between S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The 8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino with each other is a key element to their success and longevity. Equally important is the gratitude they have for their fans, Carats, and how they have given the group 100 percent since day one nine years ago.

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Rolling Stone We caught up with Jun, Wonwoo, The 8 and Seungkwan via Zoom a few days before the upcoming World Cup Stadium in Seoul, almost a year after we last spoke, to chat about the FOLLOW Tour, 17 hereAnd stay tuned for future shows in North America and Europe.

At the World Cup Stadium Shows in Seoul last weekend, fans were able to catch the premiere of “Maestro,” and for those who missed it, Rolling Stone The exclusive performance video is below.

Let's start the tour! How was the next round?

Wonoo: The FOLLOW tour was one of those tours where we went to a lot of places and met a lot of our Karats, inspiring them but also being inspired by them. The shows themselves were a lot of fun, and an overall positive experience.

Seungkwan: It was helpful for us to have frequent shows on top of that, and being able to perform as a whole group, with members who may have been out sick and well and coming back, made me feel good.

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What sets FOLLOW apart for you from other tours you've done? Whether it's how much you've grown since launching last summer, or the memories from FOLLOW that stand out to you?

Wonoo: I don't think I ever looked back to evaluate how much I had grown with each tour, but as we performed, while on stage, we ended up noticing how much each member had improved. As for special memories, we had a lot of time to eat good food together. We met together in different countries, had good meals and had a good time with each other. That made it really fun.

Seungkwan: As for the things we hope to do – North America, Europe, [seeing] The carat is there. We didn't get to see more Carat there, but I look forward to the opportunity in the future.

Is there a particular memory from the tour that stands out to you? Something between members, an interaction with fans, or a moment you were particularly proud of.

June: To follow up again [in] Incheon, there was a drone show to perform “April shower.” It was truly memorable and impressive. It contained our story and our carat. It was touching.

I actually had friends come and watch the delayed broadcast of this show.

Seungkwan: Thank you.

Wonoo: I did well! [Laughs.]

By the time people read this interview, the two Seoul shows will be finished, and “Maestro” will be airing. How is the preparation process going?

Seungkwan: At the Seoul concerts we will be performing “Maestro” for the first time. We are really excited. Since it will only be a Seoul concert show, we will go back and practice more, especially since it is a new song. We are working hard to prepare. We will also be performing with our own units. The unit songs are really good too – I think performing the new songs will be a highlight of the concert.

What type of song is SEVENTEEN's “Maestro”?

Wonoo: I think it's a song that encompasses everything SEVENTEEN has done so far. We've taken inspiration from previous theme songs, and it's a song that suits us well now. It's a song that captures the essence of SEVENTEEN as we are now.

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I had the opportunity to preview a video of the choreography for the song and noticed that you have some moves in there that mimic the actual performance. How did you prepare for that? Did you have to research or watch the real conductors?

8: We didn't have to actually act, but the movements are like action movements. We also portrayed characters who are musical geniuses who are crazy about their craft, so we incorporated nuances of performance throughout the performance.

So, which SEVENTEEN member fits the maestro concept best?

June: I think for the music video – we haven't seen the final version yet, but The 8 and I have discussed this before – Wonwoo was very influential.

Seungkwan: In the music video, Wonwoo looks really cool.

June: When you see it, you'll see the madness we're referring to. [Laughs.]

Seungkwan: What do you think, Wonwoo?

Wonoo: I think for “Maestro”, Woozi is definitely the one. He produced it, and he is the most maestro-like member.

Seungkwan: I choose… me, because I don't think anyone else would choose me.

Wonoo: [Laughs.] you are right. We will not choose you.

Why not?

Wonoo: [To Seungkwan:] Do you think you killed him again? [Laughs.]

Seungkwan: I just… I think I look great. I admire myself.

8: I also chose Woozi, for the same reasons mentioned.

Wonwoo and The 8, you also co-wrote the songs for this album, for your unit's songs “LALALI” and “SPELL.” Can you share what that process was like?

8: I mentioned that I wanted to add rap to the performance unit song this time, and with Dino, we wrote the rap parts specifically. It felt great to write as it had been a long time coming.

Wonoo: She participated in “LALALI” by the hip-hop unit, and wrote peppy lyrics.

Seungkwan: [Laughs.]

Wonoo: It's very lively.

Seungkwan: But if you listen to the lyrics written by Wonwoo, you will hear a new sound of his, so I think it will be good to look forward to. The performance unit also, when looking from the perspective of the vocal unit, they have progressed a lot musically, and I think this new song is a high point for them. So Vocal's really great, the rapping is good, the performance unit song is good – but I think above all, my unit's “Cheers to Youth,” I think that song is good. It makes you happy when you hear it. In conclusion, all three songs are good, but out of the three, I think “Cheers to Youth” is the best. [Laughs.]

June: Honestly, the three songs are completely different. I think personal preference plays a big role in choosing which game you like best, so I think a lot of fans will be able to enjoy it.

What are you most looking forward to with this album?

8: I'm looking forward more to the shows. You can feel the beating in your heart. I'm excited to see the fans' reaction to our energetic shows, and to see how much fun they have when we look at them from the stage.

There are four new songs on the album, but there are several others that look at your artwork. Out of all these songs, which song stands out the most to you? I personally like “Mansae” and “Hot”.

Seungkwan: “Mansay” brings back memories.

June: Is “Falling Flower” included?

Seungkwan: Yes! he's there.

June: genuinely [laughs] I've said it before too, but I really like Fallin' Flower. It starts with the piano and when I hear that melody, I think it might just be a personal preference, but I feel so happy when I hear that.

Seungkwan: It's a good song.

Wonoo: “I adore you” for me. It's a song that's been with us since the beginning, so it's a song I cherish.

8: “FML” for me. I like it more. I think the lyrics are great, and the melody is also similar to what I usually like to listen to, so I think it's a good song.

Seungkwan: For me… it's hard… I'll choose “Pretty U”. I have A four-part high note -For several months I trained hard. I am proud of myself. Do you know what I mean by “four-part high note?”

I know! Like Io's famous three-part high notes.

Seungkwan: Yes! exactly. [Vocalizes] “Ah, ah, ah, I'm in my dream…” It looks similar too! [Laughs.]

What are you looking forward to doing once the follow-up tour is over?

June: Even with the tour over, we go straight into the promos for “Maestro,” so I don’t think it will feel like an end, but rather a new beginning. Also called “follow”. once again [laughs], I truly believe that our Carats can enjoy it endlessly. So don't think of it as the end, just keep enjoying it.

Wonoo: that it once againbut it feels like a new beginning.

What about goals for the rest of the year?


Seungkwan: I want to be healthy. Don't hurt anyone, stay healthy – it's impossible not to get sick, but to get sick less often. These things seem more important than ever these days. I think we have to stay healthy so that the Carats team also feels comfortable supporting us. Those are the goals. Of course, good performance too!

Wonoo: I want our members and Carats to be healthy and happy. This is the goal.

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