June 17, 2024

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Saunders unveils new kit for 2022

Saunders unveils new kit for 2022

This morning, Seattle Sounders released much expected A new home kit for the 2022 season, Fox13 was the first to report. The new kit bears the name “Legacy Green”, and is inspired by the 2019 MLS Cup Final that Sounders fans used to fill the entire stadium before the match.

The set will be the classic green we’re loving with blue diamond checkers in the middle to match the mosaic tiles of the crowd in 2019. The diamonds or checkers are larger in the middle of the box and smaller as they fade on the sides. The jersey features the classic “three stripes” that adidas uses on the shoulders. There is a texture in the green part of the shirt that looks like snake skin. Finally, the jock mark is “74” to denote the year the Sounders first started playing and the neck mark is supposed to be “Waves of Progress,” an illustration representing the Puget Sound’s water and continuous motion, like water, and forward espousing espoused by the Sounders team FC. The jerseys will be paired with blue shorts at home and green shorts for outdoor matches.

This isn’t the first time Sounders and Adidas have used this kind of inspiration for a group. The 2019 Sounders Nightfall set was inspired by the beautiful sunsets of their 2014 game against the Timbers.

As far as designs go, Adidas has never used this style before and gives the Sounders a unique collection. People who have complained about cookie cutter molds from previous years can finally rejoice.

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