May 23, 2024

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Russia says 4,000 US military instructors are in contact with the Donbass


24 dic 2021 09:10 GMT

The Russian Foreign Ministry regrets NATO support for the Ukrainian government’s “crusade” against its own people in the east of the country.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Jazarova, NATO instructors stationed in Ukraine on Friday announced that they were directly provoking an armed conflict in the eastern Donbass region of the country, and pointed out that Kiev was preparing to forcibly resolve the internal conflict.

Moscow regrets NATO support for the Ukrainian government’s “crusade” against its own people, Zakarova told a news conference, adding that Ukraine’s militarization is increasing every year and the country is not getting some kind of weapons and war. Equipment, but military experts from the Atlantic Alliance.

A spokesman for the ministry condemned the presence of 4,000 United States military instructors in the Donbass line, and pointed out that in the last two weeks alone, the Special Task Force for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) has been almost recorded. 7,000 cases of ceasefire violation In the section, “Five times more than December 2020.”

“That is, one shot, three explosions every three minutes in the region endangers one’s life,” Sajarova said briefly, blaming Kiev for not ending the “eight-year-long civil war.” The Ukrainian government is set to increase its military budget for next year 20%, Almost until $ 12 billion They are “used to the war against their own civilians, whom they talk too much about and they only think about when signing military budgets.”

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Sajarova also accused Donbass of inciting Kiev fanaticism over the alleged attack, which Russia is preparing to divert its citizens’ attention from its failure to deliver on its own promises on the country’s poverty, poor economic and social conditions, and so on. Prices and the freedom of expression of Russian-speaking people are undermined.