May 23, 2024

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Russia has assured that relations with the United States are at a dangerous and critical juncture

Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister / Photo ABC

Russia considers its relations with the United States to have reached a “dangerous and critical” stage, for which considerable dialogue and decisive action are urgently needed by Washington and its allies to secure the Kremlin’s security guarantees.

The Russian Foreign Ministry made the comment last Friday in response to questions left unanswered by diplomatic leader Sergei Lavrov at his traditional press conference earlier this year, but it was sticky that he had come to Geneva to meet. His American counterpart, Anthony Blingen.

“With regard to the relations between Russia and the United States, which have reached a dangerous and critical stage due to Washington, there is an urgent need for substantial and serious dialogue and concerted action by the Americans and their allies to guarantee Russia reliable security.” he said.

“Moscow reiterated that NATO’s aggression in the East, unplanned exercises, proximity and dangerous maneuvers of warships and warplanes, and hostile actions against our country, including the military development of the Ukrainian territory, are completely unacceptable.”

Russia has demanded security guarantees from the United States and NATO to prevent the Atlantic Alliance from expanding further east and deploying offensive weapons near its borders, and today Lavrov is raising the issue of Russia’s defeats in Geneva, Brussels and Vienna last week. Again.

All of this comes amid Western fears of a forthcoming Russian offensive or invasion against Ukraine, which has stationed more than 100,000 troops on its border.

Russia regards the United States as its keynote speaker and demands a written response to its demands, something that Blinken did not do today. The Kremlin has said it will wait until next week.

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The State Department says it needs to ask the United States the question of whether the two countries still have the potential to become true friends or trusted partners.

“Russia made appropriate efforts, but our actions were taken as normal, and in return we received only arrogant disregard for Russian priorities,” Moscow says.

“Now it is important to rebuild the atmosphere of trust, at least to the default. It is in the public interest. In general, there are no unresolved differences between Russia and the United States,” the State Department said.

Russia demands that Washington show “political will” for an open dialogue, but it makes it clear that it will “not only engage in dialogue on issues of US interest, but when our legitimate concerns are ignored.”

“It is time to drop the claims of universal hegemony that are unacceptable in the current geopolitical realities. Without this, a stable relationship cannot be established,” he added.

“Either we agree with a more or less positive agenda that takes into account Russian priorities, or the scale of the conflict that is already high is increasing,” he warns.

If US policy does not change, he insists, “we will strongly oppose it within the framework of mutual control over Washington’s hostile actions.”

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