April 17, 2024

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Remember the war between Mexico and Canada in 2013? The only fight in WBC history (+Video)

Remember the war between Mexico and Canada in 2013?  The only fight in WBC history (+Video)

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The World Baseball Classic encompasses many histories, legends and memorable moments of the game, one of those moments being the only fight ever recorded in the history of this tournament, the most exhilarating situation ever known.

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Talking about the incident, it was reported that the two teams had a fight on March 9, 2013, during the tournament between Mexico and Canada, when the two teams clashed in Phoenix, Arizona. Players were kicked out from the Mexican team in particular.

In that game, Canada dominated the game going 3 for 9, but it started when Canadian catcher Chris Robinson allowed a run to reach first base, then Aztec pitcher Arnold Leon hit batter Rene Dosini. An exchange of words can end in a fight.

At that time, the fans of both teams appreciated one of the most interesting and adrenaline-filled moments, like an MLB final or another baseball league, where teams try to win at all costs and take away the energy of the game. Annoying actors who cause this kind of conflict.

Until now, this is the only known World Baseball Classic matchup in which the two franchises were unable to win, noting that the Dominican Republic was the champion that year.

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