June 17, 2024

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Rafael Korea Criticizes Lasso Corruption News

In an exclusive interview with Telesur, he said corruption cases involving former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, former President Lennon Moreno and current President Guillermo Lasso were immoral and that he should resign.

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Map for exploring Lasso through the Pandora Papers

Korea’s reports came after the Ecuadorian National Assembly decided to prosecute President Lasso for a project of tax havens known as the Pandora Papers, saying that if it had happened in Europe, the country’s president would have resigned or remained, ahead of the election.

However, on the remarkable occasion of Jorge Gestoso, Korea estimated in an interview that the Lasso government would be “on medical death” after the scandal and should call for elections.

The former Ecuadorian president was adamant in criticizing the rich in Latin America for sending their money abroad, especially to those who call themselves Catholics, especially those who belong to the Opus Tea like Lasso.

Corio recalled that Lasso had lied in his statement about his companies, that he should never have been a candidate, and that he was an “immoral”, although former President Lennon Moreno was bribed in Belize to start secret accounts that he was a corrupt man.

According to Korea, there is bloodshed across Latin America with tax evasion and foreign accounts, and Guillermo Lasso has been accused of benefiting from policies he implemented during his tenure as economy minister.

The former president said he wanted to explain how Lasso turned his foundation into a hierarchical sanctuary and what Pope Francis had revealed in the “Fratelli Tutti” emphasizing fraternity as opposed to a tax evasion policy.

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In the same vein, the former president criticized the setbacks in matters of sovereignty and integration under the governments of Lennon Moreno and Guillermo Lasso, and recalled that the Monroe Doctrine continues because, in essence, US foreign policy does not change beyond specific changes in government.