April 15, 2024

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PS1: “I feel pity for those who did not understand”

Ponniyan Selvan, the most anticipated mega-budget movie, was released and opened with mixed reviews and opinions. While some said it was a painstakingly produced movie, many said it was baffling. The opinions are countless.

Let’s pass. These opinions are captured from various social media platforms.

One netizen said, “I didn’t get what Chiranjeevi said at first. This is not the way to prepare the audience. He might have explained the family tree and introduced all the characters here. That would have avoided a lot of confusion.”

“I read the novel and know its content. I understood the narration but I didn’t get the highest level. Because I imagined Bunyan Sylvan Raja Raja Chola to be the biggest king in the history of Tamil monarchy. So I wished that an outstanding actor would play the role but not Gayam Ravi,” a Madurai audience said.

“I loved every part of it. This is Mani Ratnam’s style. I respect his efforts and felt bad to see average to below average ratings for this great composition. Mani Ratnam deserves all the accolades. This is history. A director can’t simplify this with the limitations of characters like Bahubali movie .This movie really deserves an Oscar”, stated one Telugu-language netizen on his Facebook page.

An engineering student on the WhatsApp group said, “I feel pity for those who say they didn’t understand the movie. They should know that their cognitive power is weak instead of rating Mani Ratnam’s talent in relation to this movie.”

“I waited for this movie for one reason only – combining Mani Ratnam and AR Rehman with Aishwarya Rai as the song on the cake. But I didn’t like the songs even though I tried to listen to them favorably towards the names. I like the movie a lot for its greatness and not for its content. I didn’t get Even on one moment of chills,” a 40-year-old audience from Vijayawada stated.

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One netizen said on Twitter: “I’m just waiting for Part 2 with the expectation that everything is full in there. I feel like making up for everything I missed on PS1. Manny J! Please do it soon.”

In general, there are countless opinions flowing all over the place, but these opinions few make sense with strong opinions.