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Presumed human remains found on Titan submarine – DW – 06/29/2023

Presumed human remains found on Titan submarine – DW – 06/29/2023

Experts have found “human remains” in debris recovered from a tourist submarine that went missing in the North Atlantic with five people on board, experts said today (06.28.2023). US Coast Guard It is a statement.

The remains and the remains of the ship will be analyzed, which could provide “important elements to understanding the cause of this tragedy,” said Capt. Jason Neubauer, head of the Coast Guard investigation.

He TitanA small submarine, about 6.5 meters long, operated by a private company, submerged on June 18 to observe the wreckage of the Titanic and was due to surface in seven hours, but lost contact after two more crossings.

Titan’s remains will be flown to the United States.

A rescue operation was launched to save the passengers of the submarine, which was said to have had air reserves for about four days.

But the groups ship suffered a “Catastrophic Explosion” Five of them died instantly.

The remains of the Titanic, found on the seabed about 500 meters from the wreck of the Titanic and nearly 4,000 meters deep, were brought ashore in St. John’s (Newfoundland, eastern Canada) on Wednesday.

A US Coast Guard ship will transfer them to a port AmericaThey will be analyzed by researchers.

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Extreme expeditions like the Titan submarine are gaining in popularity

The Titan mini-submarine drama proves that no journey is too expensive or too dangerous for some. The adventure and disaster tourism business has grown over the years.

Image: OceanGate/ZUMA Wire/IMAGO

Starting in 2021, Blue Origin is offering ten-minute zero-gravity parabolic flights. The first ticket cost 28 million dollars. From next August, rival Virgin Galactic wants to offer regular one-and-a-half-hour flights for around €450,000 per person. The first customers have already reserved their seats.

Image: Virgin Galaxy/AP/Picture Alliance

Deadly season on Everest

About 600 climbers climbed the world’s highest mountain this spring. 13 dead and four missing. Despite the help of commercial organizers and local carriers, climbing up to 8,848 meters is a dangerous adventure. In the past, mostly explorers and mountaineers climbed Everest; Now more and more adventure tourists are doing it.

Image: Yang Huyan/HBIC/DPA/Image Alliance

In the wake of the civil war in Syria

There are also controversial trips to Syria, a country in civil war, with many operators re-offering. Because they take place in government-controlled territory, critics say the tourists are implicitly supporting the Assad regime. During the war, many of the country’s tourist attractions, such as the ancient ruined city of Palmyra (photo), were badly damaged.

Image: Omar Sanadighi/AP/Image Alliance

North Korea is closed to tourism

North Korea is one of the few countries not open to tourism. Currently, foreigners are prohibited from entering the country due to Covid-19, but there are agencies that offer tours. However, due to strict regulations and restrictions, only a few are brave enough. The German Foreign Office advises against travel to North Korea.

Image: Yonhap/Image Alliance

Jungle survival journey

Survival trips are in high demand and don’t always have to be expensive. Operators specializing in adventure travel include in their program, among others, the Brazilian Amazon region: two weeks of sleeping in hammocks, looking for food and making a fire without matches for 1,400 euros (without flight).

Photo: Gianluca Scalera/Junior/Image Alliance

Flying above the clouds with great pomp

Others are not looking for thrills, but comfort and luxury. The best deal for first class travel is “The Residence” suite (photo) with bedroom, living room and bathroom installed on the Etihad Airways A380. Air tickets cost up to 60,000 euros.

Image: Alexander Heinl/dpa/Image Alliance

Journey to the End of the World, Antarctica

A photo with a penguin can be taken at the zoo or sometimes on a trip to Antarctica. You can explore the southernmost continent on Earth, especially on cruise ships. But for 70,000 euros you can fly directly to the South Pole.

Image: Ashley Cooper/Global Warming Images/Image Alliance