April 13, 2024

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President Putin declared a national day of mourning on March 24 after the Moscow attacks news

Russian President Vladimir Putin described the terror attack at Crocus City Hall as “bloody and barbaric” and declared March 24 a national day of mourning in a speech to the nation after the attack the day before.

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Death toll rises to 115 in Russia's Moscow terror attack

According to the President, all authors, organizers and patrons of the attack will receive fair punishment.

The Russian Central Security Service has already announced that 11 people, including those directly involved in the attack, have been arrested.

“Terrorists are murderous and inhuman and have only one enviable fate: punishment and oblivion. They have no future.”

“We are not only anticipating a carefully planned terrorist attack, but we are planning to kill people. This is a specific measure to sow terrorism,” the Russian president said.

As the Nazis once did, the assassins were going to kill in cold blood, shooting Russians at point-blank range. Later, the Crocus City Hall shooters traveled to Ukraine, where a “window” had been prepared for them.

However, he continued, no one could sow “poisonous seeds of discord, panic and division in Russia's international community.”

“In Moscow and Moscow region, in all parts of the country, additional anti-terrorist and anti-disorientation measures were approved. The main thing now is to prevent those behind this massacre from committing a new crime,” Putin announced.

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Putin also thanked the doctors, firefighters and first responders who helped the victims.

“I thank the doctors and air ambulance crews, members of the special units, firefighters, rescue workers, who did everything possible to save lives and rescue people from the center of fire and smoke,” he said.