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Post Malone covers up his tattoo in Taylor Swift's new music video

Post Malone covers up his tattoo in Taylor Swift's new music video

Post Malone is rocking a new beauty look, but only for two weeks.

The 28-year-old rapper covered up all of his tattoos to play Taylor Swift's boyfriend in the new music video for their collaboration “Fortnight.” The track is the lead single from Swift's album Section of tortured poetsreleased on Friday, April 19.

Before the film's release, Swift (34 years old) said in an interview Instagram share That she was excited for fans to listen to it because she “so admires Post because of the writer he is, his musical experience and those melodies he creates that stick in your head forever.”

Taylor Swift with tattoos in the “Fortnight” music video.

Taylor Swift/YouTube

Swift also shows a different side of herself in one of the video's opening scenes. Replicas of Malone's facial tattoos appear on her face as she sings, “And for two weeks, we've been there forever / I meet you sometimes, I ask about the weather / Now you're in my backyard, turned into good neighbors / Water your wife flowers, I want to kill her.”

While the tattoo on her face disappears when she walks into another room to work on a typewriter, fans finally get a glimpse of Malone working on his own typewriter while sitting across from her.

Taylor Swift reads to Post Malone in the “Fortnight” music video.

Taylor Swift/YouTube

After streams of pink and blue begin to emerge from each typewriter, they form a bright spark. After his disappearance, Swift is seen reading to Malone, and his tattoos are no longer on his face, as she is lying in the middle of an empty road.

As the camera zooms out, Swift is seen running into Malone's arms and the two share a long hug.

Malone gently grabs Swift's face, making her smile. As the leaves begin to fly around them, they look into each other's eyes and hold each other's hands.

Post Malone in the music video for “Fortnight”.

Taylor Swift/YouTube

The intimate scene is followed by a look at Malone, now with his normal facial art, standing next to men in lab coats while Swift receives shock therapy.

Back in February, Malone shared during an interview with Apple musicZane Lowe said working with Swift was “amazing.”

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“She's so sweet and so sweet and talented and she hit me up and said, 'Let's do it.'” “And I said to myself, ‘Hell yeah,'” he recalls.

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