May 27, 2024

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Popeyes has launched a new spicy chicken sandwich as the competition heats up

Popeyes has launched a new spicy chicken sandwich as the competition heats up

Available at $4.99 for a limited time starting Tuesday, the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich features classic ingredients with a twist: Crispy chicken hand-tossed on a brioche bun with pickles, but topped with a fresh sauce that is a milk ranch blend. And a hot buffalo.

When Popeyes first launched the chicken sandwich three years ago, the product run out Within two weeks. Customers turned back in droves when sandwich Back to lists A few months later, once Popeyes had more supplies of ingredients.

Since then, the chicken sandwich has been a very important item for Popeyes. In 2020, chain restaurants that opened at least 17 months jumped 13.8%, thanks in part to customer interest in the chain’s chicken sandwich.

But Popeyes’ runaway success with the chicken sandwich was a hit increased competition. McDonald’sAnd KentuckyAnd Wendy Others have launched their own new chicken shows, and those efforts are paying off.
“Chicken sandwich sizes remain under pressure from competitors who first started appearing in early 2021,” said Jose Seal, CEO of the parent company of Popeyes. Brands International Restaurant (QSR)during an analyst call in February.

In the first three months of this year, sales at stores open for at least 17 months fell 3%, according to financial results published Tuesday. In the United States, sales at those restaurants fell 4.6%.

As competitor efforts continue to affect sales, Popeyes hopes Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich will attract customers.

Popeyes has also used its original chicken sandwich as inspiration for other new products. In February 2021, Series A presented Fish limited time version Made of flounder. Next summer, he Add chicken pieces to the menu.

And in October, Popeyes partnered with rapper Megan The Stallion to create a spicy sauce, designed to add spice to the brand’s chicken sandwiches and nuggets. Sell ​​said in February that these new products are helping to attract new interest in the brand.

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