June 16, 2024

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OpenAI has “conversations” with Scarlett Johansson via a ChatGPT voice that sounds just like her

OpenAI has “conversations” with Scarlett Johansson via a ChatGPT voice that sounds just like her

“We’ve had conversations with the ScarJo team because there seems to be some confusion. We want to take feedback seriously and listen to concerns,” says Joanne Zhang, Exemplary Behavior Lead at OpenAI.

OpenAI pulled Sky, one of ChatGPT’s virtual voices, after she made headlines last week because she sounded exactly like Johansson in her role as an intelligent voice assistant in the movie. Ha. Mira Moratti, CTO at OpenAI, said: the edge In an interview last week, the company did not intend to imitate Johansson’s exciting AI assistant. the edge I’ve reached out to Johansson’s team for comment.

Jang, who is part of the team that selects actors to provide voices for the chatbot, says people might hear similarities between Johansson’s character and And OpenAI Voice because there are few convincing examples of voice assistants. Other voice assistants, like Siri and Alexa, “still sound robotic,” says Jang.

ChatGPT has had voices since last year, but Sky’s voice didn’t gain popularity until last week when the company made voice assistants more expressive with its GPT-4o model. Users can ask their chosen voice to have a personality, Jang says, so Sky or any of the other voices in ChatGPT could be lively, more measured, or even sad, depending on the user and the character they’re communicating with the most.

“We want users to feel comfortable,” says Jang, and personalization is important to make the experience feel natural to users. “We know they want a product [doesn’t make users] “You have to pretend to be someone else.”

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