June 20, 2024

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Not to be believed! He broke his femur after drinking too much Coca Cola

Not to be believed!  He broke his femur after drinking too much Coca Cola

Photo: Mahathir Mohamad Yassin / Shutterstock

An unusual case attracted attention media in Fuzhou, China. A 35-year-old man, identified as Ye, fractured his femur, the strongest bone in the human body, after experiencing a severe coughing fit. The news, which has created consternation and concern, reveals the dangers hidden behind some seemingly innocuous everyday habits.


Right after the coughing episode you started to feel a sharp pain in his groin. Alarmed by the intensity of the discomfort, he decided to go to the hospital to get a diagnosis. The doctors, after taking an X-ray, confirmed that you had fractured the femur, a surprising diagnosis given that this bone is known for its hardness and strength.

Further tests at the hospital revealed something even more disturbing: Ye’s bone density was comparable to that of an 80-year-old man. This revelation led experts to investigate possible causes of his premature decay of bones. Dr. Dong Zhang, director of the Department of Orthopedic Trauma at Fujian Second People’s Hospital, led the research that found the root of the problem.

The expert explained that the dangerous condition of Ye’s bones was due to the excessive consumption of Coca-Cola, which he had practiced for three to five years. The drink contains phosphoric acid, which when combined with dietary calcium, forms calcium phosphate. This compound is difficult for the body to absorb, resulting in a deficiency of calcium, which is essential for maintaining bone strength.

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