April 17, 2024

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New Giant Lego Bowser launched in October for $270

New Giant Lego Bowser launched in October for $270

GIF: LEGO / Nintendo / Kotaku

Bowser, Mario’s longtime nemesis, gets his very own, very large Lego set. The newly announced set features a gigantic Bowser build that can be manipulated like a fire-breathing angry doll.

This new Lego Bowser set It contains 2,807 pieces and will retail for $270 when it launches on October 1. Although this isn’t the first time we’ve seen it cart in Super Mario lego themeThis is new and bigger built of bricks The number is impressive.

Lego says the shape is designed to be like a doll, adding features that let you move Bowser’s head while also being able to open and close his mouth. Another stylish touch: The design’s legs are designed in such a way that they move inward when picked up and mimic the motion of a jump. And the shape of the cart is able to stand freely, without stand or turret.

You can see this massive new buggy wagon in action in a video released by Lego today.

LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser – Designed to Wow

As shown in the video, Bowser is primarily built from pieces that aren’t made for the characters or specially created, which is pretty cool. Although I know Lego has reached a point where it is fairly easy to build any particular brick or block they need, I still prefer it when the company looks great Use of parts He builds things using standard or often existing pieces. It feels more authentic to Lego.

While this new cart looks great and can stand freely on your desk or bookshelf, it’s not just a great display set. Bowser can interact with other Super Mario sets. So if you already own a Mario or Peach character, you can use them to defeat Bowser, complete with original sound effects. Even better, Bowser comes with a destructible playset, so kids can recreate truly epic battles against the iconic villain.

Now, if only we could get Nintendo and Lego to release some official Mario and Luigi mini-figures, I’d be a huge fan of Lego.

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