June 25, 2024

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Netflix’s The Sandman releases a surprising 11 episode of the favorite issue

Netflix's The Sandman releases a surprising 11 episode of the favorite issue

hypnoticlive work TV series based on me DC Comics’ dark fantasy series by Neil Gaiman With the same name, it premiered on Netflix on Friday. Episode 10 Season 1 It takes viewers on a journey through the far corners of dreamland, through the gates of hell, and the waking realms of the human world as Dream (Tom Sturridge) rebuilds his domain after more than a century of imprisonment on Earth.

Fans of the series were in for a surprise with the unveiling of the eleventh episode, which included quotes from two separate beloved stories from… hypnotic cartoons. The first is an animated movie called “A Dream of a Thousand Cats”, the eighteenth issue of the original comedy series. Compiled in the third volume of hypnotic“Dream Country,” the case follows the story of a little white cat who is called to sneak one night into a secret meeting in a cemetery where a Siamese cat tells the story of how she met a dream master (in cat figure) who tells her about the secret history and feud between cats and humans.

The cartoon tale will also bring in a host of guest stars who will lend their vocal talents hypnoticincluding James McAvoy (who plays Dream in acoustic adaptation), Sandra Oh (Kill Eve), And the Neil Gaiman Himself.

The second story in the bonus episode is a direct quote from “Calliope,” which, in the comics, immediately precedes “A Dream of A Thousand Cats” in issue #17. It takes its name from one of the nine ideas in Greek mythology, and tells the story of Richard Maddock ( play it Doctor fromArthur Darville), a writer who cruelly enslaves Calliope in order to stoke his artistic ambition and write great works.

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Although the extra episode hasn’t been announced before and came as a surprise to most people, Neil Gaiman hinted that the show had adapted “A Dream of a Thousand Cats” more or less when asked about his favorite issues. hypnotic was during Interview for Netflix’s Geeked Week event. However, “Calliope” is little more than a (disturbing) surprise.