April 15, 2024

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NASA’s space shuttle Endeavor will stand tall again

NASA’s space shuttle Endeavor will stand tall again

The space shuttle will appear ready to launch again, although this time the retired spacecraft will not fire its engines.

The California Science Center is ready to go From a six-month process of vertically stacking space shuttle components Launch position like this that it can be displayed at the Samuel Oschin Future Aeronautics and Space Center, which is currently under construction, a science center announce Thursday. Museums Go to Stack The operation is scheduled to begin on July 20, which is Space Exploration Day.

The screen will include a file quest Orbiter, which embarked on its first mission with the Space Shuttle program in 1992, rocket solid boosters, and external tanks. Once fully stacked, it is 20 stories tall The vertical display will be the only space shuttle system ready for launch in the world.

quest “It will be the star attraction of the Samuel Ocean Air and Space Center, a launchpad for creativity and innovation that will inspire future generations of scientists, engineers, and explorers,” California Science Center President and CEO Jeff Rudolph said in a statement.

Getting the space shuttle pieces on top of each other won’t be an easy feat, and this will be the first time it’s been done outside a NASA facility, according to the California Science Center. The first part of the process involves installing the rocket’s trailing edges—a pair of skirt-shaped underparts that form the base of the rocket’s solid boosters. The solid rocket engines would be stacked on top of the rear skirts to form the solid rocket boosters. the The shuttle’s outer tank, ET-94, would then be lifted into place, followed by a tank quest Orbital vehicle, which will be lifted by a large crane and connected The rest of the rocket pile.

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When it’s all over, the full pile of Space Shuttle Launch System will stand 200 feet (61 meter) Tall, becoming the main attraction around which the Aerospace Center building will be built.

quest On display at the California Science Center for the past 11 years, albeit placed horizontally instead of standing upright As if it was ready to soar into the sky again.

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NASA space shuttle quest It landed for the last time on June 1, 2011, in kenedy Space Center in Florida after a 16-day mission to the International Space Station. After this landing, only one shuttle mission was flown, namely Atlantis Mission STS-135, marking the end NASA’s 30-year-old shuttle era, which began in 1981.

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