April 19, 2024

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Maduro banned Aerolineas Argentinas from flying over Venezuelan airspace.

Maduro banned Aerolineas Argentinas from flying over Venezuelan airspace.


In an unprecedented move in relations with Caracas, the Nicolás Maduro regime banned overflights by Aerolineas Argentinas in Venezuelan airspace. This affects the commercial routes that should be diverted by the national flag company.

By: Clarion

Flights mainly to Punta Cana, but some to Miami and New York, Clarin learned from higher-ups.

This led the Ministry of External Affairs to send two letters of complaint to the Chavista regime. Also, Maduro's ambassador in Buenos Aires, Stella Lugo, was also summoned to the Foreign Ministry a few weeks ago over the matter. The Chavista diplomat noted the claim, but made no change. Aerolíneas flights are still unable to cross Venezuelan airspace.

The government believes this is retaliation for Boeing's delivery of Emtrasur Cargo to the United States, which Justice has said is subject to sanctions and sanctions against Venezuela and Iran.

“Aerolíneas Argentinas informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that it is prohibited from using Venezuelan airspace. The reasons for the implementation of this ban were never specified, which has minimal operational impact for the airline,” company sources consulted by Clarin said. They didn't say anything else.

You can read the full note here Clarion

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