October 3, 2022

Solid State Lighting Design

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LG MoodUp is as bright on the outside as I feel on the inside

LG MoodUp is as bright on the outside as I feel on the inside

Should anyone need extra RGB lighting in their life, LG’s new MoodUp refrigerator has you covered. The refrigerator that the South Korean electronics giant Announced this week at IFA in BerlinIt has LED light panels on its front that can light up in more than ten different colors (22 for the top panel, 19 for the bottom panel). There is also a built-in Bluetooth speaker (I know).

You can control the light panels through the LG app, where there are a series of preset color schemes to suit different seasons and moods. But of course, you also have complete control over creating a great ugly kitchen color scheme out of your own design. He helpfully showed me such atrocities during a personal demonstration on the show floor, and it was nothing wrong with that.

(For whatever reason, LG chose to display its MoodUp refrigerator display with a mirror on both sides at a 45-degree angle, which is why it appears that there are three refrigerators in the photo below.)

Colors can look beautiful, but they can also contrast terribly depending on your application.

LG’s press photo shows the refrigerator in a traditional home environment.
Photo: LG

Where things get really interesting is when you combine these light panels with the Bluetooth speaker on your refrigerator, as the panels can flash in time with the music. You know how everyone jokes that the best house parties always happen in the kitchen? Well, LG takes that literally.

From a more functional perspective, the MoodUp is loaded with sensors that flash if you accidentally leave one of its doors open, or that automatically light up to guide you toward a midnight snack.

LG control app.

It’s an interesting response to Samsung’s made-to-order series of refrigerators, available in a range of different colors to suit the style of your home. As of earlier this year, Samsung will also Custom Photo Printing on the front for a more personalized look. The nice thing about LG designing this colorful design is that you can change the colors of your refrigerator with a single click. When not lit, LG says the refrigerator offers a mix of gray and white color schemes “for a more traditional look.”

Oh, and the LG MoodUp also serves as a refrigerator, as LG promises “advanced cooling and smart technologies for better food freshness and enhanced convenience.” LG press photos show MoodUp refrigerators one or two doors wide, and there’s even a model with a window in the refrigerator door that lets you see their contents from the outside. There isn’t any info on pricing or a release date, in case you’re actually interested in buying this thing.

Photo by John Porter/The Verge

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