June 25, 2024

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Keys to Murder of Three Tourists in Mexico

Keys to Murder of Three Tourists in Mexico

Callum Robinson, Jake Robinson and Carter Road were last seen in Baja California on April 28 (Photo: Facebook/miguel.alcazar.s)

Three Foreigners disappeared In late April in Baja California, it was rounded up by Mexican authorities and the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). was about siblings Australians Jack And Callum Robinsonas well as his American friend Jack Carter Road. On Sunday, May 5, relatives of the deceased did not identify the bodies of the deceased.

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how were Relatives Who is that Confident He will find out In the mentioned men, genetic tests were not performed. The bodies were found in the well along with the body of another unidentified man, although he was said to be of Mexican descent and had been dumped days before the attack against the foreigners.

During a briefing given on Sunday, May 5, officials indicated that the surfers’ deaths were caused by one cause. Theft Those responsible for it “got out of hand.” During the reconstruction of the events, the company’s lawyer, María Elena Andrade Ramírez, explained that the men resisted a robbery.

According to authorities where the foreigners were camped, subjects a White van Those who paid attention Tires Unit owned by surfers.

“[El ataque] It wasn’t because of surfing, they were the victims who wanted to come at that time and steal the vehicle, that was the motive,” commented Andrade Ramirez. One of the preliminary hypotheses is that those responsible for the attack were not following foreign men, “those people were able to go to those places.”

Further, the public prosecutor pointed out that all the bodies were found with A.D Impact By Gun on the head. One of those strolling He resisted robbery, which blew him away. Faced with these events, the two remaining citizens react and try to stop the robbery, which leads to the death of both.

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After being inquired about whether to join the case organized crimeAndrade Ramírez said it was a hypothesis This has not been ruled out, although it is not considered a major line of research.

One of the people there even questioned whether it was really a robbery, since the evidence showed that it was a robbery. cluster A person who knows the area well and can devote himself to these types of activities.

“It looks like a group organized to commit crimes in that area, that’s their modus operandi,” asked a journalist at the site. Elena Andrade vouched for it This theory cannot be confirmedEmphasizes the robbery hypothesis.

Another detail about the case that caught the attention of reporters was that the victims were shot in the head, and when questioned, Andrade Ramirez said the investigations are still ongoing, so he could not be certain about certain things.

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