June 20, 2024

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Kawakami: The danger of Jordan Ball, the future of Draymond Green, and all the warriors’ urgent decisions

The Athletic

Jordan Paul He holds a large part of the future of the warriors in his hands, although he did not ask for it. When he was transferred Draymond Green He offended something Paul did or said, charged at Paul during Wednesday training and punched him.

Paul did not volunteer for this. By all accounts, fourth year the Warriors The guard was engaged in regular bootcamp drills by playing with Draymond, and Draymond pushed when he was charged and then flattened with the punch. It’s all there the videowhich was acquired by TMZ and released Friday morning.

But Paul did not back down in that incident. Knowing him, he probably didn’t hold back from this inevitable moment in the extended days of the Dynasty Warriors either. Paul has credibility having played such a major role in last season’s championship. He also received a lot of verbal utterances from veterans and thrived. He would reply occasionally, but used his rhetorical backbone constructively. Every time he walks into the media room, he jokes that he’ll only talk for 90 seconds and pretend he hates it on the podium; But he always stays longer, gets more thoughtful about his answers, and sometimes he just seems to like it.

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