April 15, 2024

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Jeremy Renner makes first public appearance since snowmobile accident – Deadline

Jeremy Renner makes first public appearance since snowmobile accident – Deadline

Jeremy Renner will be making his first public appearance since being seriously injured in a snowfall accident on New Year’s Day. Renner is set to attend the Disney+ premiere of the movie in Los Angeles renewal on April 11 for the screening and live Q&A segment, according to the broadcast.

Renner was involved in an accident in January while shoveling snow on the driveway of his Lake Tahoe home. He was trying to stop a snow removal tractor from skidding and hit his nephew when he pulled him from under the car and crushed him. He was airlifted to hospital where he was treated for “blunt chest trauma and bone injuries”. The first reports were that Renner was in a “critical condition” but after the surgery, he reappeared on social media thanking everyone for their thoughts during the difficult process. Since then, he has been updating fans on his recovery on social media.

in renewalRenner and his team of expert builders use their skills to reimagine decommissioned vehicles and rebuild them into amazing creations that serve communities around the world.

“I’ve been on this journey for many years, and I started out in my community building vehicles for people in need. But a few years ago, I thought, How can I add to that and have a bigger impact on the whole community—and that’s what this show does.” Renner said when the series premiere date was announced. “This is one of my biggest passions and a driving force in my recovery, and I can’t wait for the world to see it.”

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Renner is a builder with a passion for buying and reimagining mega vehicles with the help of his connections in builder culture around the world. With his close friend and business partner, Rory Milliken, and an all-star building crew, Renner travels the world reimagining decommissioned vehicles and rebuilding them to serve a new purpose, such as converting a tour bus into a mobile music studio, delivery truck into a mobile water treatment facility, and a shuttle bus to a mobile entertainment center, a city bus to a mobile dance studio.

The series takes Renner around the world from his hometown of Reno, Nevada to Chicago, Illinois, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Rajasthan, India.

renewal Premieres on Disney+ April 12th.