July 18, 2024

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Jeremy Renner appears on the red carpet for the first time since his snowmobile accident; Show “moves the needle a lot” on his life, he says – Deadline

Jeremy Renner appears on the red carpet for the first time since his snowmobile accident;  Show “moves the needle a lot” on his life, he says – Deadline

Jeremy Renner appeared on the red carpet for the first time since the snowplow incident at the April 11 premiere of the movie renewal.

The Disney+ series, which premieres April 12, follows the actor giving back to communities around the world as Renner delivers trucks and buses from his massive fleet of Nevada buses, fire trucks and tractor trailers into unique, purpose-packed vehicles.

Hundreds and hundreds of people attended Westwood, California. premiere, including Disney CEO Bob Iger and Disney Entertainment co-president Dana Walden. Before the premiere, it was hook The star walked the red carpet with a cane and chatted with reporters, who were told to sidestep questions about Renner’s health.

“Working on this show isn’t work, it’s always a lot of fun and good laughs and really good causes. It actually moves the needle a lot for people, and it definitely moves the needle a lot for me in my life,” he told Deadline.

The actor said that work on renewal It “means the world” to him as he works to give opportunities to children so they can be inspired. The first episode follows Reiner and his team as they set up a mobile recording studio for a children’s program in Chicago. Renner has repurposed an old black tour bus—one of several bulky vehicles he’d bought and stored in two giant Renault car parks.

“It is such a wonderful blessing to be united in beliefs and ideas and to be able to take action with others,” he told Deadline. Doing things with the kids [and] Give them chances. I’ve always been a great mouthpiece for kids and they deserve opportunities. I think it alleviates the problems kids have later in life. Children need to be inspired [and] Need opportunities to be inspired. They don’t always have the right environment for that and it frustrates me a lot. Children are the best dreamers on the planet.

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After the premiere, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel hosted a panel with Renner and the cast members.

Renner received a standing ovation.

“Did something happen?” Kimmel Renner asked in response. He later asks Renner if he has any plans to rehire the 14,000-pound Snowcat who ran him over on January 1st.

“It is a necessity on property,” replied Renner. “My mom wants to light a fire in it and have a big party. The amazing thing. I love that thing. I just have to learn how to drive it better.”

Renner makes a breakthrough in the aftermath of a near-death accident that occurred while trying to help his nephew after a heavy snowfall. More than 30 of Renner’s bones were shattered when he was run over by his plow.

While in the hospital, Renner apparently urged Disney+ not to delay the premiere of renewal.

“I feel like a half-moron sometimes,” Renner said during the session, adding that he didn’t feel he deserved all the positive attention.

He replied, “It’s worth it.” resuscitation Co-host Rory Milliken. “He just doesn’t understand how much he really deserves it.”

Lynette Rice contributed to this report.