May 23, 2024

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Java earthquake: A 6.1-magnitude earthquake hits an Indonesian island

Java earthquake: A 6.1-magnitude earthquake hits an Indonesian island


A 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck the Indonesian province of West Java on Saturday, the Indonesian Geophysics Agency BMKG said.

According to BMKG, the epicenter was on the ground and there is no possibility of a tsunami.

One person was injured while four houses and a school were hit in the town of Garut, according to the country’s National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB).

There were no reports of aftershocks. However, BNPB chief Major General Suharyanto asked residents to remain calm, vigilant and cautious, adding that a response team would be dispatched to assess needs.

“In response to the earthquake earlier, stay calm and alert again, but there is no need to stop your daily activities,” Suharyanto said.

According to BMKG, this earthquake was very deep. Based on the experience of previous earthquakes, with a depth of more than 60 km, more than 100 km, it is expected that the impact … will not be very destructive,” Suharyanto added.

It comes after a deadly 5.6-magnitude earthquake West Java rocked On November 21, the final death toll was 334. The search and rescue operation following the November earthquake has ended, the National Counterterrorism Bureau announced on Saturday.

Final details about the total number of wounded and displaced have not been released.

Suharyanto said 56,320 homes were damaged in that quake, more than a third of them badly. Other damaged buildings included 31 schools, 124 places of worship and three health facilities.

Indonesia sits on the “Ring of Fire,” a band around the Pacific Ocean that experiences frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity. One of the most seismically active regions on the planet, stretching from Japan and Indonesia on one side of the Pacific Ocean to California and South America on the other.

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