May 19, 2024

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“It’s really hard to watch” – Deadline

"It's really hard to watch" - Deadline

John Oliver Back in another episode of last week tonight And this time looking at HBOown Dragon House. The comedian took a boost from the dark scenes of Game of thrones A popup that has proven to be controversial among viewers.

While the topic was about transgender rights and a young girl expressing her frustration with the bathroom situation at school, Oliver tried to make the dark moment lighter by making fun of the HBO fantasy series.

“That’s brutal! It’s so dark and really hard to watch,” Oliver said of the young transgender girl who talks about having security guards when she goes to the bathroom.

Then Oliver quipped, ‘Which would also, coincidentally, be a very accurate catchphrase for Dragon House. “

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On the screen, the tagline reads, “It’s too dark to really be seen.”

That was after episode 7 of Dragon House It aired that viewers expressed their frustration with how grim some of the scenes were. The episodes appear to have been filmed while there was daylight but were blacked out in post-production to show that it was in the evening hours.

Some fans were not happy because they had to adjust their TV settings and took to social media to vent. HBO MaxTwitter’s customer service account responded to some viewers stating that the dimming was intentional.

“We appreciate you reaching out to a night scene in House of the Dragon: Episode 7 that appears dark on your screen. The dim lighting of this scene was an intentional creative decision. Thanks!” HBOMaxHelp Account chirp.

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