June 26, 2024

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It looks like GoldenEye HD is finally ready for release after achievements appear on Xbox

It looks like GoldenEye HD is finally ready for release after achievements appear on Xbox

It finally appears that GoldenEye 007’s elusive HD port is ready for release, after discovering the achievements in X-Box Sunday servers.

As shared by Internet Detective Wario 64Achievements for Xbox Classic Edition N64 The shooter appeared in Microsoft serversindicating that a release is imminent.

It was first spotted earlier this year rare Developers apparently Play the Xbox version From FPS, their progress was recorded on tracking sites like TrueAchivements.

last year was confirmed who – which Microsoft We had to put a modified version of the classic N64 game on the shelf Xbox 360 In 2007, after licensing issues and poor communication between license holders, a young team scrambled to create it.

building worker from The Xbox 360 Master Return for GoldenEye 007 has been canceled Leaked to file sharing sites, allowing those with access to files to play them via a modified console or computer Simulator. At that time, VGC View the leaked GoldenEye Xbox build She called it “the greatest remaster you’ll likely ever play”.

First time speaking to VGC at GoldenEye Xbox interview Last year, co-managers of the canned recycler said they didn’t think it would ever be officially launched.

“It’s kind of bittersweet,” co-director Chris Tillstone He said of seeing a GoldenEye remodeling device leak into the public domain. “It means people can see the work that’s been done, but it also hides some of the templates that took place behind the scenes.”

Associate Director Mark Edmunds He added, “The thing I find strange, why now? Why leak it after all this time? Someone must have had this all those years. It just seems strange to me.

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“When I first heard about it, I almost thought, is Microsoft intentionally leaking it for some reason? (laughs) I don’t think that would make sense, but it does make you wonder.”