April 18, 2024

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Inflammatory molecules cause chronic goiter-19

Inflammatory molecules in the bloodstream cause prolonged COVID-19 and have the potential to alter the body’s ability to deliver oxygen and vital nutrients, such as fatigue, headaches and shortness of breath, which are common symptoms of the corona virus that persist for 6 months or more after a severe infection.

This was revealed by recent research by a team of scientists from South Africa, the United Kingdom and Denmark.

“We have found high levels of various inflammatory molecules in the blood clots of individuals with chronic Covit-19. Some of the trapped molecules contain fibrinogen, and alpha (2) -andiplasmin-like antifreeze proteins, according to Stalenbosch’s South Africa’s Physiology of South Africa.

The researchers found that when blood plasma samples from severely ill individuals were diluted, insoluble particles were constantly deposited at the base of the tubes, called trypsinization, and through investigation, the scientists solved another puzzle related to the virus.

“They point out in their article that this explains why the balance between plasmin and antiplasmin may be necessary for chronic symptoms in Govit-19. It provides further evidence that the disease has significant pathology.

The team plans to do the same analysis on a larger sample of patients. To date, they have collected blood from 100 individuals with persistent corona virus and from 30 healthy people.

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