May 27, 2024

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In-N-Out Burger requires a doctor’s note request for employees to wear masks

In-N-Out Burger requires a doctor’s note request for employees to wear masks

The company’s customer service representative confirmed Tuesday that the California-based In-N-Out Burger chain will soon ban employees at its locations in five states from wearing a mask unless they get a doctor’s note.

The rule will go into effect Aug. 14 for employees at the chain’s Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Texas and Utah locations, according to internal company emails. leaked on social media last week. Employees who choose to wear a mask will then be required to use the N-95 provided by the company.

In-N-Out did not immediately respond to emails and phone calls on Tuesday.

In California, which has Law Employers are prohibited from banning masks, and in Oregon, In-N-Out will continue to allow employees to wear masks if they choose, but they can only wear company-supplied N-95s.

In October 2021, In-N-Out was forced to temporarily close its San Francisco location because it refused to comply with a city requirement that all restaurants check vaccine cards for indoor patrons.

The company said at the time that it refused to “become any government’s vaccination police”. The facility reopened later that month, but only for outdoor dining.

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