June 21, 2024

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iFixit blames Samsung, ends self-repair partnership on its own

iFixit blames Samsung, ends self-repair partnership on its own

Samsung made a big deal about launching a self-repair program in the US two years ago. The Right to Repair program is designed to be simpler than Apple’s. Samsung has teamed up with iFixit, known for its repair guides and teardown reports, for the self-repair program.

iFixit announced today that it has ended its cooperation with Samsung on this program. The self-repair program may continue with another partner, but iFixit will no longer play a role in it. iFixit has made some serious claims about the “obstacles” Samsung faces that appear to be preventing it from achieving its goal, but the Korean company has yet to respond.

Samsung’s commitment to repairability has been called into question

iFixit said in a statement Today, despite its best efforts, it has been unable to deliver on its promise to supply independent repair shops with the tools and parts it needs. The company added that it continued to face challenges that made it “question Samsung’s commitment” to making repairs accessible to customers.

From the difficulty of getting spare parts to local repair shops at business-friendly prices and quantities, to the high prices of spare parts to the point that more customers end up replacing their devices rather than having them repaired. iFixit also blames the design of Samsung’s Galaxy devices as being “frustratingly stuck together”, forcing the company to sell batteries and displays in pre-glued packages and resulting in higher repair costs.

The company says it has ended its partnership with Samsung, saying the Korean giant’s approach to repairability is not consistent with its mission. Starting next month, iFixit will cease being an authorized distributor of Samsung parts and tools. There will no longer be a quantity limit for local repair shops purchasing Samsung spare parts.

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iFixit will not remove any existing repair documentation but will also not cooperate with Samsung to produce any new repair guides. Replacement parts and repair kits will still be available, with iFixit providing OEM and aftermarket parts.

Samsung has not issued a statement on this yet but we have reached out to get the company’s version on this development. iFixit has made some very serious allegations against the company, so one can be sure that a response will come in time.