April 18, 2024

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How to get lots of Legendary engrams in Destiny 2

How to get lots of Legendary engrams in Destiny 2

If you need to farm legendary shards in Destiny 2It’s time to do this. A recent hotfix implemented by Bungie replaces all blue drops in the game with legendary purple engrams instead, giving players a great way to make use of resources that lead to This month’s edition of lightfall.

Rolled out on January 31, this hotfix is ​​a temporary fix to a blues issue that Bungie planned to implement last week but instead some players ended up losing progress, It eventually caused Bungie to take their servers offline for about 24 hours for maintenance.

Blue engrams are basically useless and are the bane of existence for many players in the game Destiny 2 Community, where they end up taking up valuable space in your inventory and eventually consuming space in your Postmaster, which could otherwise be used to pick up valuable items such as improvement saws and other useful loot. Purple engrams, on the other hand, can be broken down for Legendary Shards, providing you with some base currency to trade in for some more valuable resources like Ascended Cores and Enhancement Posts.

A temporary fix does not address the overcrowding issue in Postmaster, but after the mega release lightfall Expanding on February 28, simply blue engrams will result in additional glimmer drops instead of additional legends. However, if your coffers seem a little sparse at the moment, and you’re planning on jumping into the new expansion on day one, the next four weeks are a great opportunity to prepare.

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