May 26, 2024

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How this crazy new disappearing technique can literally make you disappear

How this crazy new disappearing technique can literally make you disappear

What would you think if I told you that there is technology available today that can make you disappear?

it's the truth. Thanks to optical engineering, it is possible to become invisible to the naked eye.

This is not just a fantasy. It's a reality designed by Invisibility Shield Co. In the UK, which introduced the impressive Invisibility Shield. This 6-foot shield brings a new dimension to the concept of invisibility.


Invisibility shield. (Invisibility Shield Company)

The science of vanishing technology

At the heart of this technology is a precisely designed lens array. Picture this: You're standing behind the shield, and instead of being a prominent figure, the light reflecting off you is cleverly redirected.

This group of vertically oriented lenses scatters light horizontally, causing the image to dissolve into the background. It's like a magic trick, where the magician disappears not with a puff of smoke, but with a whisper of light.

Invisible shield on the sidewalk

Invisibility shield. (Invisibility Shield Company)

Invisibility shield dimensions

  • Small Shield: 7.9″ x 12″.
  • Standard shield: 2 feet – 3 inches x 3 feet – 3 inches
A man behind a shield of invisibility

A man standing behind a shield of invisibility. (Invisibility Shield Company)

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A closer look at the optical geometry of the invisible shield

Now, let's delve deeper into the science. Lenses are not just lenses; They are elongated and convex lenses finely patterned on a polymer sheet. These are not your ordinary magnifying glasses; They are the result of rigorous testing and fine-tuning – perfectly shaped to handle light correctly.

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But what about the background? Ah, this is where the magic magnifies. The background light, which is brighter and wider, passes through the shield and is refracted toward the observer. From their perspective, it's as if the background itself has been extended to hide your presence.

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A man behind a disappearing shield on the beach

A man standing behind an invisibility shield on the beach. (Invisibility Shield Company)

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Versatility of invisibility shield

However, armor is not just a one-trick pony. It excels against a variety of backgrounds – whether it's lush green foliage, the rough texture of sand, or even the soft expanse of sky. And for those who appreciate fine detail, shields work wonders against horizontal lines, whether painted with the brush of nature or the hand of man.

The man disappears behind a shield of invisibility

A man disappears behind a shield of invisibility. (Invisibility Shield Company)

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Rugged design, but not defense

But let's not forget that these shields are not shields. It won't protect you from harm, but it will make you almost invisible. They are built to last, using materials that will stand the test of weather and time.

Invisibility shield

A person partially disappears behind a shield of invisibility. (Invisibility Shield Company)

Who buys invisibility armor?

The company tells us that “generally, we find customers who have previously ordered a small version want to try hiding items on their desks and experiment with materials.

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“In terms of larger models, our shields have been used for all sorts of things: paintball, wildlife hunts, pranks, stage magic, creating ‘invisible windows’ and interior screens in apartments.”

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How do I order the Invisibility Armor?

You'll be able to pre-order the shield for $870 via A Kickstarter campaign. A less expensive, smaller 7.9-inch-high version is available for $67. This will help fund the first large production run of the new armor. The company tells us that the Kickstarter campaign exceeded its initial goal of about $12,600 by nearly 10 times, which is closer to $125,000.

Key takeaways for Kurt

The creation of Invisibility Shield Co. It takes us a step closer to daydreaming, allowing us to disappear on a whim. Backed by a thriving Kickstarter initiative, this technology could one day reshape our interaction with the visual world. It's a leap into a future where not seeing is just a matter of choice, a shield away.


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